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Promoting love of America through music and dance, both domestically and abroad.
White Washed Wood

About Us

American Folk Ensemble boasts a rich and varied repertoire, versatile artists, American style, and a legacy as dynamic and expansive as the Rocky Mountain region it represents.

White Washed Wood

What We Do

We are a traveling folk dance/music group that tours around the world and in the U.S. We perform at traditional folk dance festivals, sharing our love for our culture and American values. Through love, kindness, and American patriotism, we show people both domestically and abroad who Americans truly are.

White Washed Wood

Our Travels

Ensemble members have represented the United States in over 60 major festivals and events throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, China, and the USA since 1991. 

By the Great Wall of China
Eiffel Tower Paris
Image by Jason Leung
Big Ben
Christ the Redeemer

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